Stockist Stories – Chameleon, Arran

Many of our customers don’t know that we actually stock in 350 locations across the UK and Ireland. These range from small independent family run boutiques, to larger stand alone stores and local department stores. We love working with all our stockists – they always deliver a great service environment to their customers and do a fantastic job of delivering the Emreco brand. So we thought it would be great to give you an insight into some of our stockists stores, and what it’s like to live and work there.

We caught up with Lynn Walker, who is the owner of a beautiful shop called Chameleon, located in the Scottish Isle of Arran. Here’s what she had to say about her store: chameleon1

E: Can you tell us a bit about your shop? How did it start and where did you come up with the name?

L: Chameleon is all about shape and style, not size and age.  The premises forms part of a long residential terrace which is over 100 years old.  The shop is situated at one end of the terrace and was a former post office.  The inside retains many of the original fixtures which are very old –  in doing the fit out of the shop, we put in modern fittings which really works well with the old!  When choosing the name I was thinking about change and colour and came up with Chameleon as this is what a Chameleon does!  It also refers to my strap line, ‘Dare to be Different’  again – Chameleons chance to merge in to the background and avoid being seen but they also change colour for attention so I thought it was a perfect name to reflect the changing of seasons, people, shape and mood etc.

E: How long have you been open for?

L: Chameleon opened in August 2016, so just over a year.


E: Now tell us something about you? What do you do outside life in the shop when you get a chance to wind down after the busy trade days?

L: Living on the Isle of Arran, it is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy outdoor life – my shop has the most fantastic view of the sea but from my home in Whiting Bay I have access to great waterfalls and forestry so I try to get out in the fresh air on my days off.  I also attend a yoga class once a week which  helps me keep flexible and energises me for days on my feet!  I also love a bubble bath and a glass of wine!!


E: What is the best thing about your town? Any tips for people visiting there?

L: Arran has the name of Scotland in Miniature – for those people who have visited Arran they will already know what a beautiful place it is.  There is something here for everyone whether you visit or live here. We have amazing beaches and mountains as well as a fantastic Spa for ladies that like to get away and relax.  There is also great ‘retail therapy’ available – apart from Chameleon of course – everything from cheeses, chutneys, gift shops, outdoor wear, and a distillery for those that enjoy a wee dram!

Image result for arran

E: What is your favourite item from this season’s Emreco collection?

L: There are many things that I love about this season – but as I am someone who loves to layer, I particularly like the Darby tabard in Navy!


To find out more about Chameleon, visit

Or, to discover more about The Isle of Arran, go to

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