Things to do on Halloween when you’re too old to get dressed up.

If you feel like you are past the stage of dressing up and a bit over Halloween, there’s no need to turn off all the lights in your house to avoid trick or treater’s, go in a huff under the covers and waste a perfectly good day. Just in case you feel like this may happen, here is a list of alternative activities you could try instead….

  1. Carve another fruit except for a pumpkin. 
    Nothing goes against the tradition quite like a lit up scary looking pineapple. And, you can make healthy smoothies out of all the carved out fruit to compensate for all the sugary treats that always get consumed at this time of year!

    Image result for carved fruit lantern

  2. Clear the skeletons out your closet.
    We are all guilty of hoarding things – you might even find some old Halloween costumes hidden away! Sorting out your wardrobe will leave you feeling a lot more ‘zen’, and you will discover things you forgot you had to create plenty new looks.
  3. Go to the cinema
    It’s dark so no one will single you out for not wearing a costume, you can take full advantage of the cinemas king sized pick and mix (and not feel guilty as it is Halloween after all…), and you don’t even have to go and see something scary.
  4. Give yourself a spooky manicure
    If you’re like me and completely useless at nail art, just go for plain black and orange, but if you’re more of the creative type then the possibilities are endless…

    Image result for halloween nails

  5. Hit the shops
    With everyone busy out partying or trick-or-treating, the shops will be a ghost town (pardon the pun). Perfect time to start the Christmas shopping early in peace and quiet, or just treat yourself to some nice new buys.
  6.  Go to the gym
    The older we get, the harder it becomes to burn off the calories, and those sugary sweets we will no doubt binge on won’t disappear themselves! Plus, like the shops, you will have full pick of the treadmills as all the parents will be stuck being dragged round door to door by their over excited kids…
  7. Make a Halloween Cocktail
    There are so many fantastic recipes out there, but an all time favourite of ours has to be the Poisoned Apple Pie. Get a cocktail shaker, add 2 oz. dark rum, 1/2 oz. heavy cream, 1/2 oz. cinnamon syrup and 1 medium egg white. Shake for 30 seconds then add ice and shake again to chill. Strain into a cocktail glass and slowly pour 2 oz. sparkling apple juice into the same glass. Sprinkle 2 pinches of activated charcoal powder and cinnamon on top to set off the black colour and add garnish.

  8. Read a scary book by firelight 
    There’s something about the flames of the fire (or candles) that add to the aura of spookiness. Find a book that will keep you gripped – you will be too scared to go to bed!
  9. Do something Christmassy!
    I mean, it is only 54 days away from Halloween so why not get started ahead of the pack, then come December you can sit back and relax whilst everyone else is doing a last minute dash to the overly packed shops. Or, invite your fiends over and pop on a Christmas movie – your never too old for a bit of Elf!
  10. Laugh at all the parents who have been made to dress up
    Hats off to them, it is certainly a chore! But it is also hilarious, and it’s Tuesday so we need cheered up!

    Image result for parents dressed up with kids halloween

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