Your summer dressing dilemmas sorted.

Here comes the sun, and with it we hope for holidays filled with sea and sun, cocktails by the pool and day trips exploring local towns. If you’re like me, you’re probably in outfit planning overdrive – staying cool in the heat, covering any lumps and bumps, looking stylish and feeling comfortable can send anyone into a complete stress! But it doesn’t have to be – and here’s my top tips on how to feel fantastic and look even better this summer!

I can’t get enough of open knit tops in the summer. Ideal for throwing over a vest or a t-shirt teamed with a pair of crops for day time, and the best thing about them as they double up as beachwear cover-ups! They are perfect for popping on over your swimsuit when heading to lunch, down to the beach etc., and no hassle at all to get on and off.

If you like this top but want something with a bit more coverage, this batwing top will be the one for you. It’s been a best seller this season and it’s no wonder why – you get the perfect amount of arm coverage, whilst the button sides create a wonderfully feminine shape so as not to make you look boxy.

Trousers can always prove to be a bit of a nightmare in summer – finding ones that don’t stick to you when it’s warm can prove tricky. I’m a huge fan of culottes, especially in summer as the wider open legs and cropped cut give an easy breezy feel and keep you cool. Also, they are very flattering when worn with the right thing. If your thighs are your problem area, opt for a dark plain pair and team it with a lighter printed top to draw the attention to where you want it to be.

If you’re not a fan of this style, then I’d highly recommend the seersucker crops. The soft, light fabric and comfort waistband means you can move around easily; they are hugely popular for people going on walks, playing golf and they are the perfect thing to travel in. Not only that, but the vertical stripes down the straight leg create the most flattering of looks.

Personally, and I’m sure most of you would agree with me, that the ultimate fabric for the summer is linen. Air can flow through the fabric easily, it doesn’t cling to the skin and it dries very quickly if wet. It’s also one of those versatile materials that can look great either smart or casual, and it rolls up nicely in your suitcase to avoid any major creasing. The only problem is choosing what style to go for, as they are all so tempting!

100% cotton garments are a classic favourite too, and our customers have been snapping up these tie dye numbers by the dozen. They wash fantastically, the shapes of them skim over your body in all the right places, and they feel so soft that you won’t want to take them off.

I’ve dealt with hundreds upon hundreds of women across the years, and I’d say about 90% of them have the same body hang up. You’ve guessed it – arms! Yes, arms – we all want them covered up, but with high summer slowly but surely approaching, we are faced with the daunting prospect of either getting them out and feeling uncomfortable, or covering them up and being too warm. But that doesn’t have to be the case! There are so many ways to dress your arms to give you a slimline look and stop you from feeling hot and bothered.

The burn out material here is a favourite with our customers year after year. Available in a 3/4 length sleeve top, or a vest with matching cardigan across three delicious colour palettes, the softer than soft fabric will make you feel fabulous.

You’re onto a style winner with this intricately detailed cardigan with the bird print splashed across the most beautiful colours. The burn out stripes on the sleeves and waist provides ventilation; ideal worn over a bright colour vest to make the colours stand out.

A summer favourite for when it’s a bit cooler is this cotton modal striped cardigan. The waterfall front on it streamlines your shape for a longer, more slimming look.

Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean you can’t wear scarves. In fact, there are plenty of lightweight ones around that are an ideal extra layer if it gets a bit cooler. There are so many different ways to wear them, either over your neck, round your shoulders or tied round your body or hips as a sarong.

Remember, it’s all about feeling comfortable within yourself. If you wear something you don’t feel good in, people tend to notice through your general demeanour. However, nothing looks better than confidence, so dress yourself with pride this summer and feel like a new you!

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